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Rennes : Alcatel-Lucent Salaries on fight

vendredi 16 février 2007, par Sud Industrie 35

The Alcatel-Lucent salaries were working with Shanghai People. The Alcatel-Lucent salaries trained their Chinese colleagues. They went to China. Their colleagues went to France too. The salaries from Rennes were thinking that there would be no transfer from Rennes to China but rather a collaboration with Asia...

The “ending” is now known : closure of the sites at Saint-Grégoire and Cesson-Sévigné near Rennes, France (205 persons) due to a mass lay-offs concerning 1,500 salaries in France and 12,500 ones in the world from within the 80,000 persons the group is currently employing.

To be obsessed with the “right counts” and the sole satisfaction of the shareholders has lead the big companies for the few past years to transferring their production- including R&D - abroad low-cost countries and particularly to China

In Thomson at Rennes, the salaries have to live with the same economical logic : The Management has started in 2004 the raising of a R&D activity in Beijing, China, whose teams are working on the same product lines as the Rennes teams do.

So, what is currently happening to Alcatel-Lucent salaries may happen too at Thomson, according to the usual expression “Any resemblance with existing or passed facts...”

Alcatel-Lucent salaries have just started protesting acts, we support them without any condition.

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